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Reliable Recall Workshop

This is a two week master class focused on creating and maintaining a reliable recall. It will help you build an amazing connection with your dog using games, tips, and techniques that are fun and easy to implement in everyday life.

This workshop is suitable for most dogs of any age and abilities. Whether a complete novice just starting on recall training or a more experienced dog who just needs a brush up - this workshop will help. It is not suitable for aggressive / severely reactive dogs. Please call to discuss if you are unsure - we can offer one to one training if more suitable. We will cover many exercises that will have a positive impact on the way your dog responds to you, when off lead.

These are great sessions packed with lots of games, exercises and information.These are just some of what we will cover. Training takes place in an enclosed field.

  • How to condition a recall cue and what this actually means!

  • The right equipment and how to use it

  • Finding what is the best reinforcer (reward) for your dog and how to use it 

  • You will learn about the recall bank account and how to build credit.

  • Teaching your dog that staying close to you pays off.

  • Games to build focus, engagement and value in you.

  • Activities to include on your walks to keep you dog interested in you.

  • Teaching your dog self-control around triggers.

  • What to do when things go wrong!

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