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Group Classes

Beginners Group Class


6 Week Course - £90

This beginner’s class is suitable for all dogs that are 6-months old and over, with little or no training. Your dog must be sociable and none aggressive to people and other dogs. If you are unsure of your dog`s past history, please book a 1-2-1 assessment session before signing up for this class.

Just some of what will be included in this class

  • Reflex to name (responding to their name)

  • Eye contact

  • Sit/Down/Stand

  • Basic recall

  • Hand touch

  • Wait/Stay

  • Door/Gate manners

  • Meet and Greet manners with other dogs and people

  • How to deal with jumping up

  • Toy switch/taking and giving items

  • Basic lead walking

  • Handling exercises for grooming/vets visits etc.

  • Plus, whatever else you would like help with


There will be an opportunity each week to discuss any issues at home you may struggling with.

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Group Life Skills Class


6 Week course - £90


If your dog has no previous training, I recommend either the puppy foundation or the beginners class. Alternatively you can book some 1-2-1 sessions to get you started.

This class operates on a rolling theme - once you have completed the initial 6 weeks, you can continue on a flexible week by week basis. This enables you and your dog to continue learning as long as you wish!

Just some of what is included in this class

  • Loose lead walking (walking to heel) on and off lead

  • How to use games to increase focus on you – the handler

  • Recall exercises in a variety of situations and challenges

  • Finding what motivates your dog – not just food!

  • Learn how to use toys for training even with dogs who don't like toys

  • Teaching your dog to be able to disengage from exciting distractions

  • Learning about impulse control

  • Improving all the basic skills and proofing in various situations.

  • Perfecting the emergency stop

  • Learning techniques to improve your handling skills you can apply when training at home

  • Introduction to scent work

  • Opportunity to try your hand at Fun agility (should you wish)

  • We also will take the training "out on the road" in real life situations

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