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Residential Training

Prices start from £50 per day


Our residential dog training programme is an ideal option for puppies or adult dogs. We are assessed and licenced by Test Valley Council with a 5-star rating for home boarding and day care, so you have assurance your dog is in good hands. The programme starts with an initial assessment of your dog, together with an in-depth discussion regarding your dog's specific problems and your desired outcomes.

A realistic individual training programme will then be devised, tailored to your dog and the required outcomes. Residential training may not be suitable for all and the pro's and con's would be made clear to you. We cannot offer training to dogs with known aggression issues but would be happy to assist you in finding help.

Your dog will live in our home as part of the family, along with our two resident dogs. Training would be ongoing throughout the day and will include socialising with other visiting dogs and people. Along with basic training, your dog will be introduced to different environments and experiences, both inside and outside the home. Training will be varied and engaging for your dog with many positive experiences to build confidence and life skills. Much of the training will take place out and about in real life situations – this may include visiting parks, towns, pubs, and other public places. You will receive regular updates on your dogs progress, along with photos and videos (WhatsApp).

You will be very welcome to visit your dog during their stay – the more involved the handler is the more beneficial it will be for the dog. Ideally, this would take place part way through your dog`s stay – once the foundations are in place. If it is not possible to visit during your dogs stay, that is not a problem, you can arrange a hand-over session when you collect your dog. All the training and techniques will be demonstrated and explained in full. You will receive an ongoing training plan to follow once your dog is home – it is essential that the plan is followed consistently, and you understand that your dog’s education needs to be continued. It is beneficial to arrange a home visit during the first week of your dog returning home. This will help reinforce the behaviours and check how the training fits in with your lifestyle, ensuring you and your dog continue on the right path.


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