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All About Puppies!

Welcoming a puppy into your home is such a joyous, exciting occasion. It is also a huge long-term commitment and at times will be incredibly challenging! No matter how much research you do, books you read or friends advice you listen to, none will prepare you for the reality of your new addition! The fact is, your life will be turned upside by this cute, little bundle of fluff – for a little while at least! Preparation is the key to give you the best chance of success so check out what I offer to help you every step of the way with your new puppy.

Pre – Puppy Home Visit £25

1 hour + travel (depending on distance)

This would involve a home visit before puppy arrives. I can give advice on essential equipment, crate training, puppy proofing your home and what to expect in the early days / weeks when you bring puppy home. We will cover house-training, feeding, puppy chewing / biting, where puppy will sleep and early training / socialisation. You will receive handouts with advice and tips on all we discuss during the home visit.

Puppy Home Visit  - Details on application

This is an excellent option for pre – vaccinated puppies. Puppies are constantly learning so it is never too early to start on some basic training. We can address any issues you maybe having, discuss how to deal with any unwanted behaviours, and get you on the right track. 

We will cover any or all the following

  • Toilet training

  • Chewing and biting

  • Importance of rest for a young puppy

  • Crate training (should you wish to use a crate)

  • Sleeping arrangements (night time and during the day)

  • Feeding and nutrition

  • How to play and interact with your puppy

  • Puppy proofing your home

  • Introducing puppy to collar/lead/harness. Advice on which are best.

  • Early socialisation and familiarisation to everyday sights and sounds

  • Importance of handling correctly for grooming, vet visits etc.

  • Basic training and setting boundaries.

  • Interaction with other family members, especially children and other pets

  • Plus, whatever else you would like help with

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Foundation Puppy Class £90

6 week course - for puppies aged up to 6 months

This 6 week puppy starter class is a good way to introduce the basic foundations of training for you and your puppy. It is also great way to socialise with other puppies and like-minded owners. You will learn training techniques to help your puppy grow in confidence and learn essential life skills in a fun and engaging way. Teaching your puppy the basics like 'sit', 'come',  etc. but also how to build a strong bond of trust and understanding with your puppy through motivation and games. I will show you how to set your puppy up to make the right choices which will build confidence in dealing with novel and new experiences. ​There will be an opportunity each week to discuss any issues at home – toilet training, chewing, biting, or anything else that you may be struggling with.

What will be covered in the training classes
•    Reflex to Name (responding to their name)
•    Eye contact
•    Sit/Down/Stand
•    Basic recall
•    Hand touch
•    Wait/Stay
•    Door/Gate manners
•    Meet and Greet manners with other dogs and people
•    How to deal with jumping up
•    Toy switch/ taking and giving items
•    Basic lead walking
•    Handling exercises for grooming/vet visits etc.

Follow On Puppy/Adolescent Dog Class £90

6-week course - for or puppies that have completed the foundation class or aged 6 – 12 months.

We also operate these classes on a rolling theme, this allows owners to attend when they are able or who cannot commit to a weekly lesson. (Applies to clients who have completed the puppy foundation course or have completed one of our other training courses - for example, private sessions).

This course continues the learning for you and your young dog. We will introduce distractions and ask for increased focus in different situations. We will show you how to use games to increase your value to your dog when out and about in different environments – your dog will see you as the fun person they will choose to be with. You will learn new skills that will help you deal with situations that may arise as your puppy starts to become an adult. We will discuss the adolescent period, how it can affect your dog`s behaviour and how to deal with any problems that may arise during this time.

What will be covered in this course

•    Adding distractions, duration, and distance to all the foundation behaviours from the puppy course
•    Practising recall and lead walking in more challenging environments
•    Off-lead heel work with distractions
•    Teaching an Emergency stop
•    Send away
•    Incorporating games and fun obstacles to increase flexibility, co-ordination and build confidence 
•    Introducing scent work

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